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SteelSeries Headset FAQ

We’re excited to be collaborating with Steelseries in offering their latest and greatest headsets on our website! 


While we hope that your new headset will run seamlessly for as many hours of gaming as possible, we understand roadbumps can happen! In the event that your Steelseries headset is not working properly or to the intended specifications, please check out the lovely help articles written by gamers-in-arms over at the Steelseries CX team!


You can also get in touch with them at:


Alternatively, the tech wizards at Steelseries have worked tirelessly to bring you a new-and-improved Engine program! With, you’ll be able to customize the lighting, audio, and other settings for your headset to your exact preferences. Best, of all, the software is constantly updated and completely free - check it out here.

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